Sr. Jeannette Filthaut, S.P.

Spiritual Director

I believe in the process of spiritual direction that we are in a sacred space of “attentive listening to the music of the heart”, to the action of the Divine Presence within us. The Spirit of God is the main guide in the process of the Spiritual director/guide listening to a directee share their personal journey and how they are desirous of growing in their relationship with God. Scriptural prayer has been a nurturing factor in my life, and I have a background inIgnatian spirituality. I am a 2-time cancer survivor who trusts in Providence and walks in hope. I have also stretched myself with a variety of workshops relative to adult spiritual formation and growth including Myers-Briggs (Personality Type and Spirituality), Co-dependency, Enneagram, and Progroff Intensive Journaling. or 780-633-6947

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